My quilting journey started back when I made my first quilt toward the end of High School.  In the Fall I was off to college and made a promise to myself that I was going to quilt ‘when I get old.’

Fast forward to the year 2004; my friend Susan asked me if I was interested in quilting.  I jumped at the chance.  She took me to a Project Linus group that met at an area fabric and craft store.  For the first time I experienced the joy of making something with a group of friends where we all supported each other and ???.  Lynda the Project Linus leader and store Quilt Instructor encouraged us to have fun learning from the experience.  Just 6 months later as I sat at a table happily sewing and talking it hit me!  I must be old!  My new friends totally disagreed.  I was happy.  I had reached my goal long before I had imagined.

Then I met Jeanine who led a Quilt Ministry which expanded my social circle along with increasing the number of people our efforts impacted.

National Quilt Shows, Shop Hops, Quilt social events and even Bus Tours; before I knew it I had multiplied the number of friends I shared a common interest with.  When the chance came to take over the Project Linus group I had been attending, I admit I had to be pushed, it gave me the chance to take everything that had been given to me and to give back.  It allowed me to share my love of quilting and support a charity I really believed in.

The group was thrilled when I starting putting together 'kits' for them.  I scoured the available pattern books to come up with a new pattern to use each month.  I couldn't find enough interesting, easy patterns to use.  With my detailed, analytical background I realized that all I really needed was an idea for the next quilt.  I could put together a pattern myself.

I wanted to make patterns that worked.  I wanted patterns that were an efficient use of fabric, required a minimum of cutting time and did get bogged down in details that even a beginner quilter would already know.  Directions and diagrams are on one page only.  Yet they still have enough information that everything you need to know is easily discernible.


nd kits, I decided that my patterns met a need that couldn't be found.  It was time to strike out on my own to create a design company.  My patterns make Quilting Fast and Fun because they stick to the basics, but always come up with new and different ways to make a small quilt.  Most of my quilt tops can be made in one afternoon, because that is all the time we had scheduled for our Project Linus events.  They also get straight to the point, with only 1 page of instructions and diagrams.

I want to expand the group of friends to share my patterns with. People who believe like I do that Quilting can be Fast and Fun and still enjoy all the things that have made Quilting an inspiring and important part of our history.